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BEWARE: Distractions that Cost You!

It’s so important to realize that the moment you decide to accomplish something, especially if its for God, that the enemy will try to do everything he can to distract you, so that he can steer you off course.  It’s even more important to realize that these distractions are not always blatant or obvious, but are often rather subtle.  Distractions can come in the form of person, a thing, a place, a circumstance, thoughts, or temptations.

The moment you decide to go back to school, a good friend you haven’t hung out with in awhile suddenly becomes available to hang out several times a week, distracting you from your studies.  Having gotten drunk 3-4 times a week for the past few months, you get your first semester grades which show you’re failing half of your classes.

The moment you decide to quit your job so you can start your own business, you get a job offer from a company offering you $10K more a year than what you were making, distracting you from the fact that your goal is to work for yourself and eventually earn six figures.  Six months down the line, you’re making more money, but you’re physically burnt out, never see your kids, hate your job, and haven’t thought about your own business at all.

The moment you decide to write a book with the vision that God gave you, negative thoughts rush into your mind with every reason why you shouldn’t do it.  Now its a year later, and you haven’t picked up a pen to write anything since then.

The moment you decide to relocate your family to another state for everyone’s benefit, a gorgeous new home becomes available in the next county over, distracting you from why God told you to relocate in the first place.  Three years later, you’re behind in your mortgage, neighborhood violence has impacted your teenager who now sells drugs, and you just got a notice that your job will be laying you off in three weeks.

The moment you decide to get out of a bad relationship and spend time focusing on your independence and growing in God, a new guy/girl comes along that makes you think its love at first site.  Three months down the line, you find out they are married and have been lying to you the entire time.

The moment you decide to focus on growing your blog community, every technical issue imaginable begins to arise, discouraging you immensely to the point that you give up.  Nine months later, a friend shows you a free online marketing course that you finish in two days that solves all your technical issues.

You see distractions can end up costing us time, happiness, peace, joy, money, and success.  After all, John 10:10 tells us that “the thief comes only to steal, and kill and destroy”.  The good news is that its never too late to get back on track and redirect our focus to our goals.  Even after we let our distractions steer us off course, ruin relationships, set us back months or years with our goals, or costs us money, our jobs, or our peace – God is still there for us, to give us the strength we need to try again and move forward.  As we move forward, let us not repeat the mistakes of the past.  Let us not allow the devil to distract us.  Remember, even the most subtle distraction could cost us!  And its definitely not worth it.

Time – to Waste or Not to Waste?

Time is the one thing we all take for granted in one way or another.  This week as my only child completed 3rd grade and brought home several certificates, trophies, a medal for Student of the Year and a straight A report card, I was overwhelmed with excitement, gratefulness and joy.  He didn’t know it, but I also had tears – happy tears – just pondering the goodness of God and thankful for His continuous blessings in our lives.  I’ve officially been a single mom for the last 4 years and each year that my son and I get through, I look back in retrospect as I marvel at all the ways God has been by our side every step of the way.  That’s a story in and of itself, but my point today is “time”.

For the last 4 years, two things have been my sole focus and driving motivation – God and my son.  I vowed 1) in spite of all the terrible things I had been through that I would never stop serving God and 2) that I would raise my son the best way I possibly could and teach him to serve God also.  He’s 9 years old now, intelligent, funny, extremely active, and has a strong sense of sarcasm that mirrors my own!  I don’t miss our mother-son time for anything or anyone.  We have our daily routines which include eating dinner together (usually at his Ninja Turtle table and chair set lol), watching one of his favorite shows, and a bed time story / devotions (usually 3 times a week).  Then we have our mother/son Saturdays once a month – shopping, a movie, going out to eat, or simply running errands and spending his allowance on something fun like the arcade, skating, or laser tag.  But outside of all that, it’s the brief random moments that I love the most.  Those times when he says things like “mom, you’re the best”, or in his prayer, he prays for my strength to take care of him, or when he gives me a hug for no reason and says ‘I love you mom’; even those sporadic days when he thinks about his father and says ‘mom, as long as you’re here I’ll be ok’ (tear).   Oh, and lets not forget the times of confession – when right before bed he wants to confess something he did wrong that day lol. Continue reading →

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