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Am I There Yet?

Pointing fingers

A pet peeve I absolutely can’t stand

Yet we all do it

Without even using our hands


Focusing on everybody else

Counting all their wrongs

Their flaws, mistakes, sins

Gossiping about it like songs


But I’ve been praying

for God to shift my mindset

to focus on growing in my walk with Him

Not on my surroundings or past things I regret


Ain’t got time to be stalking, or

Worrying about peeps on the Facebook

Don’t care what they eat, where they go

What they wear or how they look


Tired of following celebrities

Just to hear the latest news

Of adultery, scandal, abuse

Or some violence after a lit fuse


Cousin Rick cheated on his taxes

My neighbor Sarah bought a Benz

My friend LaQuisha got fired

And Jenny is pregnant….again


Its like we look for things to talk about

The good stuff so we can be jealous and mad

The bad stuff so we can put it on blast

To everyone we know; which is just sad

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