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One hour, one day, one week?

A month, a year, please not a decade!

“Pray and don’t worry, leave it in his hands”

Was the declaration I had made


Whether praying for marriage, a job

A house, a new car, or going back to school

I didn’t realize the process involved

And I was trying hard to stay cool


My best friend is moving out of the hood

Uncle Joe got a bonus and a raise

My neighbor got a full scholarship

All their prayers answered in a matter of days!


My ex got a new higher paying job

My aunt came through cancer free

Even my enemy got blessed with a new car

And my wild and crazy cousin still ain’t got an STD


Testimony after testimony at church

Answered prayers, blessings, and miracles too

For everyone but me

Got me wondering, “Lord, what did I do?”


I mean hold up, don’t he cheat on his wife?

And Sis. Joan stole church money right?

Don’t that girl drink and beat her kids?

And I know the choir director be clubbing all night!


I’m just dazed, annoyed and very confused

Cause they all just gave testimonies of praise

And I’m sitting here crying inside

Wondering when in the world I’m gonna get outta this phase

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