My Online Course

After 2 years of hard work in my free time, I was finally able to complete my first of many online courses!  It was published by Udemy and is now available to the public online.

One thing I’m learning is that anything you do for God and the promotion of His Word is never time that is wasted.   If there is a project, goal, simple task or anything that God called you start, that seems to be taking forever to finish, or that you’ve tossed aside for a while – remember why you started in the first place, pray for focus, and get back at it!  Whatever you do, don’t quit!  No matter how long it takes, it will be well worth it in the end.  Doing what He calls us to do always is.

My prayer is that he will use me through this course to educate, encourage, motivate and inspire others through His Word.  See the course information below along with a promo video and a 50% discount link for yourself or anyone you believe may be interested.

Check out the course promo video below!

50% discount link:   LTB101

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