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My Best Friend

Started from the bottom

Now I’m here

Ain’t nothing I did

Just the God that I fear


Saved me when I was twelve

Embraced me with open arms

Changed my entire household

Silencing my spiritual alarms


Like a flood, pouring in His love

Bringing our spiritual pain to an end

Didn’t erase all my problems

But took them on for me – my best friend


Just in time for my teenage years

I was a quiet, short, nerd

Picked on, laughed at,

But my tears every night He heard


Committed to saving myself for marriage

Was the dumbest thing to my peers back then

But thanks to His strength

I remained dedicated – my best friend


Senior year finally came

Couldn’t wait to change scenes

Graduated valedictorian, yet went to a Bible college

To fulfill my own personal dreams


Another big mistake – or so they said

“you could be a doctor, lawyer, anything in life,

Why in the world would you get a biblical degree,

Graduate, and go on to become a preacher’s wife?”

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Am I There Yet?

Pointing fingers

A pet peeve I absolutely can’t stand

Yet we all do it

Without even using our hands


Focusing on everybody else

Counting all their wrongs

Their flaws, mistakes, sins

Gossiping about it like songs


But I’ve been praying

for God to shift my mindset

to focus on growing in my walk with Him

Not on my surroundings or past things I regret


Ain’t got time to be stalking, or

Worrying about peeps on the Facebook

Don’t care what they eat, where they go

What they wear or how they look


Tired of following celebrities

Just to hear the latest news

Of adultery, scandal, abuse

Or some violence after a lit fuse


Cousin Rick cheated on his taxes

My neighbor Sarah bought a Benz

My friend LaQuisha got fired

And Jenny is pregnant….again


Its like we look for things to talk about

The good stuff so we can be jealous and mad

The bad stuff so we can put it on blast

To everyone we know; which is just sad

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You Mad? 2.0

Why do we get mad at God?

Blaming Him for circumstances we created

For a relationship gone wrong

Because we chose a partner we should have never even dated


Because we can’t make ends meet

Living paycheck to paycheck and always broke

Forgetting the money we wasted, stole, or gambled away

Never had a budget, and now poor life ain’t no joke


Mad because we got addicted to drugs

Or because we drove drunk and crashed the car

Or having our third kid by a third baby daddy

Or because we wanted revenge and went too far


Showed up late to work constantly

No real excuse, just plain lazy and didn’t care

Then want to blame it on the boss being racist

The day we finally get fired, claiming life isn’t fair


Wondering why we can’t keep friends

And why people avoid us by choice

Forgetting all the lying, backstabbing

Pain, tears and hurt we caused with our own voice


Our kids don’t listen, obey or respect us at all

Scratching our head, wondering why

Forgetting we paid them little to no attention

Barely involved in their lives, didn’t even notice them cry

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One hour, one day, one week?

A month, a year, please not a decade!

“Pray and don’t worry, leave it in his hands”

Was the declaration I had made


Whether praying for marriage, a job

A house, a new car, or going back to school

I didn’t realize the process involved

And I was trying hard to stay cool


My best friend is moving out of the hood

Uncle Joe got a bonus and a raise

My neighbor got a full scholarship

All their prayers answered in a matter of days!


My ex got a new higher paying job

My aunt came through cancer free

Even my enemy got blessed with a new car

And my wild and crazy cousin still ain’t got an STD


Testimony after testimony at church

Answered prayers, blessings, and miracles too

For everyone but me

Got me wondering, “Lord, what did I do?”


I mean hold up, don’t he cheat on his wife?

And Sis. Joan stole church money right?

Don’t that girl drink and beat her kids?

And I know the choir director be clubbing all night!


I’m just dazed, annoyed and very confused

Cause they all just gave testimonies of praise

And I’m sitting here crying inside

Wondering when in the world I’m gonna get outta this phase

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So, Its Freedom You Want?


They say be careful what you wish for

Because you just might get it

So its freedom you want?

Are you sure you want to jump into that pit?


Freedom to have sex whenever the urge arises

With whatever partner you choose

Now you’re a slave to your feelings

And there’s not a man or woman you’ll refuse


Freedom to drink as much as you want

And as often as you can

Until You can’t remember the last time 

you went a day without a beer in your hand


Freedom to go out with your crew

Doing secret things that no one ever speaks of again

Until someone gets you arrested

Then your lifelong friendships come to an end


Freedom to work and make money

By any means to get to the top

Now you’re selling drugs, and stripping part time

So addicted to the cash it brings, you can’t stop

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The Deception of the so-called “Christian Life”

Since when am I the standard

for perfection and holiness?

You may steal, lie and cheat,

but I’m also full of mess!


Last time I checked the Word,

the goal was for us to be more like Christ.

So please help me understand

how what we’ve become resembles the Christian life?


I measure your sin

by how I feel it compares to mine.

But when did that become our focus?

When did we cross that line?


Have we been so deceived

that we honestly can’t see,

that Satan is busy at work –

in Christians today – literally!


Blinded by anger, bitterness, and hate,

we gossip, slander, degrade, and lie;

forgetting the very words of Christ 

and the main reason He came to die.

Love was the concept he preached over and over again,

the one command he left us to live by and for.

Yet love continues to vanish in our midst

as if thrown out the window or trampled on the floor.


We walk around pointing fingers at each other

playing right into the devil’s hands.

Neglecting time with God in His Word

and instead making up our own Christian demands.


We rewrite His rules

and interpret them our own way,

defining right and wrong

based on what we personally believe and say.


Not realizing that we too

are greatly deceived:

by lies, false teaching,

and a corrupt society.


The world now dictates how we live for Christ.

We adapt, modify, and daily transform,

moving further away from God;

Metamorphosis, in its worse form.

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