My Best Friend

Started from the bottom

Now I’m here

Ain’t nothing I did

Just the God that I fear


Saved me when I was twelve

Embraced me with open arms

Changed my entire household

Silencing my spiritual alarms


Like a flood, pouring in His love

Bringing our spiritual pain to an end

Didn’t erase all my problems

But took them on for me – my best friend


Just in time for my teenage years

I was a quiet, short, nerd

Picked on, laughed at,

But my tears every night He heard


Committed to saving myself for marriage

Was the dumbest thing to my peers back then

But thanks to His strength

I remained dedicated – my best friend


Senior year finally came

Couldn’t wait to change scenes

Graduated valedictorian, yet went to a Bible college

To fulfill my own personal dreams


Another big mistake – or so they said

“you could be a doctor, lawyer, anything in life,

Why in the world would you get a biblical degree,

Graduate, and go on to become a preacher’s wife?”

But you see, from the moment He chose me

I’ve been captured, for a higher purpose – a greater end

Had to follow His Will, His plan

Ain’t no other way to live except for my best friend


Started a church, went from 4 to 100 members plus

Marriage, ministry, career, finances – all flourishing bright

God’s blessings pouring in daily

And then my son was born – an amazing sight!


But fast forward to the rough waters

Yes- I’d be lying if I didn’t mention the bad

The storms of life hit all at once

Literally 100 to 0 overnight – losing everything I had


No home, no car, no husband, no church

Like a horrible nightmare that just wouldn’t end

“Turn your back on God”, they said

But even on my worst day, I still knew God was my best friend


Hands down that was the hardest year of my life

Broken, humbled, molded, and reshaped by my heavenly guide

Yes – it hurt, I cried, died inside and fell apart

But never forgotten, unloved, abandoned or tossed aside


His Word became my focus

More than ever before

I fed off Him day and night

My hurts fading, strength beginning to soar


You see, drugs, smoking, money nor sex

Could fill my void or erase the pain

Couldn’t cure my bitterness, fix my problems

Or settle my mind to make me feel sane


In fact, nothing compares to the love,

Forgiveness, peace or joy He lends

His presence all around me daily

No one like my best friend


See He’s been with me through everything

The good, the bad, the ugly, the sad

Whether I was depressed, discouraged,

Happy, excited, pissed off or mad


My one and only constant in this life

Which is why our relationship will never end

Ain’t nobody got my back at all times

Besides my God, my Savior, my best friend!

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