You Mad? 2.0

Why do we get mad at God?

Blaming Him for circumstances we created

For a relationship gone wrong

Because we chose a partner we should have never even dated


Because we can’t make ends meet

Living paycheck to paycheck and always broke

Forgetting the money we wasted, stole, or gambled away

Never had a budget, and now poor life ain’t no joke


Mad because we got addicted to drugs

Or because we drove drunk and crashed the car

Or having our third kid by a third baby daddy

Or because we wanted revenge and went too far


Showed up late to work constantly

No real excuse, just plain lazy and didn’t care

Then want to blame it on the boss being racist

The day we finally get fired, claiming life isn’t fair


Wondering why we can’t keep friends

And why people avoid us by choice

Forgetting all the lying, backstabbing

Pain, tears and hurt we caused with our own voice


Our kids don’t listen, obey or respect us at all

Scratching our head, wondering why

Forgetting we paid them little to no attention

Barely involved in their lives, didn’t even notice them cry

Want to lose weight, but opposed to exercise

Want to go to school, but never attempt to apply

Want to buy a home, but never research the process

Want to get a car, but don’t have a license and refuse to try


Want to travel overseas, but scared to get a passport

Want to get married, but refuse to date

Want a better job, but never fill in applications

Want people to love us, but we’re full of hate


Want to get sober, yet always at the bar

Got all the latest gossip and news

But don’t want people digging up our skeletons

Then be looking surprised and confused when they do


Yes, life has its ups and downs

Plenty of which we can’t control

But I’m talking about the things we can,

The things where we played a vital role


The situations that we created

The obstacles that we put in our own way

Circumstances that literally evolved because of our actions

Hardships resulting from the choices we made everyday


For those, we can’t blame God

And we certainly shouldn’t be mad

At least not at Him

Channeling our anger like He did something bad


Rather, we should take a look in the mirror

Just to pause, reflect, looking back in retrospect

Taking time to realize that we need to work on ourselves

So that we avoid a future full of regret


Looking to God, not with hostility

But in prayer, for help, strength and love

When all else around us fails

And all we can do is look up above


Remembering that God is the one

Who is always by our side

In fact He was there through all the bad choices,

Decisions, mistakes, and things we tried to hide


Waiting for us to embrace His love,

Take His hand and simply trust

That even in the worst of situations

Walking with Him is always a must


So lets not be mad at God

After all He’s the only reason

We are still here with another chance

Alive to make the right choices in this season

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