The Deception of the so-called “Christian Life”

Since when am I the standard

for perfection and holiness?

You may steal, lie and cheat,

but I’m also full of mess!


Last time I checked the Word,

the goal was for us to be more like Christ.

So please help me understand

how what we’ve become resembles the Christian life?


I measure your sin

by how I feel it compares to mine.

But when did that become our focus?

When did we cross that line?


Have we been so deceived

that we honestly can’t see,

that Satan is busy at work –

in Christians today – literally!


Blinded by anger, bitterness, and hate,

we gossip, slander, degrade, and lie;

forgetting the very words of Christ 

and the main reason He came to die.

Love was the concept he preached over and over again,

the one command he left us to live by and for.

Yet love continues to vanish in our midst

as if thrown out the window or trampled on the floor.


We walk around pointing fingers at each other

playing right into the devil’s hands.

Neglecting time with God in His Word

and instead making up our own Christian demands.


We rewrite His rules

and interpret them our own way,

defining right and wrong

based on what we personally believe and say.


Not realizing that we too

are greatly deceived:

by lies, false teaching,

and a corrupt society.


The world now dictates how we live for Christ.

We adapt, modify, and daily transform,

moving further away from God;

Metamorphosis, in its worse form.

 Our attitude being: “I’m not gay, I don’t murder

I don’t fornicate or sleep around!”

Forgetting about the pride, hate, and selfishness

that in our hearts is largely found.


God’s main concern certainly isn’t

about sin levels or degrees.

Last I read in His Word, He was looking for those

who would serve Him faithfully.


A faithful few, still struggling with sin,

yet repenting, and relying on Him every day,

knowing that without His strength and Holy Spirit

we couldn’t serve Him faithfully anyway.


Focusing on Him and His Word daily,

being conformed to Christ as He commanded;

If we all did this, there would be no time

to find fault with others, requiring stuff He hasn’t even demanded.


No discrimination of race, sex, or age

political standing, occupation, or background;

just a body of believers demonstrating the love of Christ,

but where on earth today can that be found?


Now I get why God in Noah’s day

destroyed the entire world by flood.

Hallelujah! for his promise not to do so ever again,

And for Jesus shedding his blood!


One day we will realize that all we can do

Is work on being who he called us to be,

and not try to fix everyone else,

as that’s the Holy Spirit’s job, can’t we see?


Of course a change of this nature

requires spending time reading His Word.

Which unfortunately today is rare.

A Bible reading Christian? ….. sounds almost absurd.


And therein lies the heart of our deception;

no Bible, no love, no obedience or sacrifice

Satan certainly is pleased

with what has become the so-called “Christian life”.




4 responses

  1. I really enjoyed this entry: fantastic and so true!


    1. Thanks!!!! I see it around me so often everyday and at times even within myself, God had been convicting me on some points and I thought I would share it with others. We as Christians have several areas to work on. I can only change the world by starting with myself.


  2. The Smiling Pilgrim | Reply

    Beautiful picture and beautiful scripture 🙂


    1. Thanks and Yes it is! The Word of God is beautifully written.


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